Timeliness & attendance

Where should I go for my first day of classes?

Eisenhower Park Field 8.

When should I arrive and what should I do when I get there?

For everyone’s enjoyment, we ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the class.  The children are responsible for checking themselves in with our staff and then will report to the putting green. 

What do I do if I have to miss one of the classes?

 If you must miss a class for any reason you can come to the same class on a different day for a make-up. Please let us know in advance which class you will attend for a make-up by sending an e-mail to ABC123golf@gmail.com.

All participants are required to maintain an attendance of 83% (5 of 6) in order to be eligible to certify at their level

Dress code

What should I wear when I attend my class?

o Collared shirt or appropriate t-shirts, always tucked in! 
            No tank tops.
  o Slacks or jeans with:
            No holes or tears
            No sweatpants
  o Shorts must be mid-thigh length or longer
            No cut-offs
            No Spandex
            No gym shorts
  o Sneakers or golf shoes, clean & tied
  o Hats & visors should be neat, appropriate and forward facing

Incliment Weather

What happens with classes when it rains?

- The decision to cancel classes due to the weather will be made 1 hour prior to the start of class. There are various ways to find out about cancelled classes:

1) Facebook
2) Twitter
3) ABC123Golf.net
4) Call our office: 516-385-9294

Equipment Policy

Clubs are available to those that don’t have their own. Any clubs used during the classes should be returned to us at the end of each class.


What level of The First Tee program is my child at?

- The level of First Tee participants is based on age until they begin their certification process. All participants will start at the PLAYer level, which has three different components: PLAYer 3, 6 & 9. Please take a look at our Life Skills Experience Levels table under The First Tee (Programs) page.

How does my child advance within The First Tee program?

 The participants are responsible for working through their yardage books to complete the activities. After the book is completed, the participants must approach us and let us know they would like to certify. There will be a written knowledge test and golf skills requirements that must be completed in order to move up. Please see Justin or Mike for more information.

Still have questions?