About Us
The First Tee of Nassau County and ABC123 Golf Academy are separate entities that work together to provide the best and most opportunities for all of our participants. This allows us to offer many different levels of golf instruction depending on the needs of our players. The Academy works with The First Tee to ensure all of our students are given the opportunity to play better golf. It is important to us that our families understand the difference between these two separate programs.
The First Tee program is designed to get children interested in the game through fun golf related activities, life skills learning and larger group environments.  These are low cost 6-week classes that take place in the spring, summer and fall months.  The First Tee provides many different opportunities to our participants such as: on-course certification rounds, inter-facility team, national opportunities, special recognitions for achievements, etc.
The ABC123 Golf Academy is designed to offer specialized golf instruction and programs for participants to advance through their golf skills.  The Academies are intended for students to progress quicker through smaller group environments, private instruction and more focused golf knowledge.  These programs are offered to participants of all ages and skill levels.  There are a variety of programs being offered through ABC123 Golf Academy such as: weeklong summer golf schools, 3-day summer golf schools, clinics, parent-child lessons and private lessons.